If the Grating Plate Is Used Improperly, It Will Reduce Its Service Life.

Grating Plate

After the hot-dip galvanized grating plate is produced, it is subjected to anti-rust treatment. There are 2 kinds of hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing.

The hot-dip galvanized steel grating plant uses a surface treatment for the production of steel gratings. The galvanized steel grating is immersed in a chromic acid solution to form a film having a low activity on the surface of the zinc layer. Even if the chromic acid film is slightly broken, the chromate in the vicinity of the fracture dissolves in the water and collects in the fracture site, and a new film is formed again, which can effectively prevent the generation of white rust.

Apply oil to the galvanized steel grating to prevent direct contact between the air and zinc. It should be noted here that if you want to paint, you must first wipe off the oil on the surface of the steel grating. If the galvanized steel grating is used for painting, you can apply phosphate coating. Phosphate will adhere to the surface of the galvanized steel grating to form a loose porous shape, which can provide a good foothold for the coating and obtain a strong adhesion effect. The galvanized steel grating produced is stored in a well-ventilated place, or in a season with high humidity and large differences in heating and cooling, use a dryer or drying oven to prevent condensation.

Be careful not to get wet and soaked. If it is dehydrated or wet, it can be dried. You can also take it out and use a fan to blow it dry. Store in a well-ventilated place. If the temperature difference between cold and warm is large, it is easy to avoid condensation. According to the actual bearing value and installation span, select the correct and suitable steel grating specifications from the table of safety load and span and deflection.

Hot-dip galvanizing standard: GB/T 13912-2002 Steel galvanizing technical requirements and experimental methods Steel grating as a new material, new products are getting more and more widely used, its superior performance and good The price/performance ratio shows the prospects for its application.

Grating Plate

In the metallurgy, mining, petroleum, electric power and industrial fields as well as some civilian fields, steel gratings are becoming more and more widely used as a new type of building materials. The so-called new materials have been in foreign countries for more than a decade, but they have been widely used in China for only 10 years. But like aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is customary to refer to it as a new material compared to traditional materials.

The main reasons for the damage of galvanized steel grating plate are: change of load, long-term use makes the galvanized steel grating plate specifications change, resulting in insufficient structural bearing capacity; construction due to various accidents, steel lattice deformation, distortion, depression, etc., resulting in The section of the member is weakened, the member is warped, the joint is cracked, etc.; the temperature difference causes the member or the joint to crack and warp;

Corrosion of chemical substances and electrochemical corrosion lead to weakening of the cross-section of galvanized steel grating plate members, so it is recommended to use surface treatment; Others include galvanized steel grating plate design and layout, galvanized steel grating plate production process, Mistakes, illegal use and operation in the installation of galvanized steel grating panels.

After the galvanized steel grating plate has been used for a long time, it will be damaged. If the galvanized steel grating plate is to be damaged as much as possible, the steel grating should be maintained. The maintenance of outdoor galvanized steel grating plates generally refers to anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, fire prevention and the like. The age of anti-corrosive paint is always limited, and galvanizing will be better, especially when the steel components are closed and cannot be maintained. The reason why the galvanized steel grating is to be maintained daily is to ensure its safety. Although the steel grating has a limited load capacity, it is inevitable that the steel grating will be broken. If the steel grating is found to have deformation and welding, it should be real-time. service.

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