Uses and production methods of stainless steel grating


Stainless steel grating is a steel grating whose material is stainless steel. Its production process is similar to that of ordinary steel grating, except that it does not need to use spray paint or hot-dip galvanizing and other anti-corrosion treatments, but requires surface polishing to remove welding. Welding slag or scar left in the process. Stainless steel gratings are widely used in various factories and engineering projects at home and abroad. There are more than 200 standard types for plane type, tooth type and I type (different protective treatments can be applied to its appearance according to different application environments). Manufacturing method Machine pressure welding uses a high-voltage resistance pressure welding machine. Steel gratings can be made of materials such as 304, 201, 316, 316L, 310, and 310S. The manipulator takes the initiative to place the crossbar horizontally on the evenly placed flat steel. After strong electric welding power and hydraulic pressure, the crossbar is pressure welded into the flat steel, and then the solder joints can be consolidated, and the stability and strength of the high quality can be extremely high. Steel grating. Light weight, high strength, great load-bearing ability, material saving and economy, ventilation and light transmission.

There are two types of organic pressure welding and technical manufacturing: machine pressure welding uses a high-voltage resistance pressure welding machine, and the manipulator actively places the crossbar on the evenly placed flat steel, and then presses the crossbar into it through strong electric welding power and hydraulic pressure. In the flat steel, high-quality steel grating with high stability and high strength can be obtained in the flat steel. The steel grating manufactured by craftsmanship is first punched on the flat steel, and then the cross bar is placed in the hole for spot welding. There will be an open space between the crossbar and the flat steel, which is light in weight, high in strength, capable of carrying capacity, economical in materials, ventilated and light, modern in style, beautiful in appearance, non-slip and safe, easy to clean, simple in installation, and durable. However, each contact point can be welded to reach the same melting connection of flat steel and twisted steel, so the welding will be stronger and the strength will be improved.

Uses: light weight, high strength, great carrying capacity, material saving and economical, ventilated and light, modern style, beautiful appearance, non-slip safety, easy to clean, simple device, durable.

Post time: Mar-24-2021